If you are interested in the work we do, would like to financially, or otherwise, support underprivileged girls and women, would like to visit the projects we support and spend some time there, or if you are looking for financial support for girls and women's projects you support, please get in touch with us.


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By becoming a member of FrauenPower e.V., you can help us make a difference to girls' and women's lives around the world. Join the group and help us with your ideas, and ways to raise funds, to support the work we do with underprivileged girls and women.



Volunteer your time with FrauenPower e.V., and / or at the various projects we support around the world, and help us make a difference to someone's life. Sometimes all that is required is an idea or input to trigger positive change.



FrauenPower e.V. appreciates your generous donation and involvement in its work. Without your financial support, it is difficult for us to make a difference to the lives of girls and women we work with around the world. Be assured that 100% of your donations will go towards supporting the work we do with this underprivileged part of society.