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As mentioned in the Sections "Our Focus" and "Observations", many girls and women in economically underdeveloped countries are illiterate or have had only limited access to schooling for various reasons (lack of schools or access to them, lack of funds, priority given boys, etc.). This "limited" literacy has also meant that half of the population has not been able to participate in the economic development of these countries. Through its education and training projects, FrauenPower e.V. would like to give these girls and women an opportunity to improve their literacy levels and prepare them for better employment opportunities. Our work will be carried out in conjunction with local NGOs (who are better informed about local conditions) in the countries we work in.



FrauenPower e.V. would like to support women financially and with ideas to become self-employed and to start a small businesses. We intend on supporting them through the business cycle and helping to make sure their businesses are sustainable. The business will be either supported with a microcredit (given at minimal interest), or though the use of the Social Capital Credit Concept (SoCCs, developed by Asia Initiatives (New York)).


FrauenPower e.V. will be using the Social Capital Credit (SoCCs) Concept, developed by Asia Initiatives, to improve the living conditions of girls and women, as well as their families and their communities, in countries where we work. Girls and women earn SoCCs for doing "social good", such as keeping their environment clean, recycling, attending school, having medical checkups, etc.. The earned SoCCs can then be redeemed for school fees or uniforms, health insurance, solar lamps, attending training classes, etc.

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